Information Notice

    1. Personal Data Administrator:

      The Administrator of Your Personal Data will be Viabaltic sp. z o.o.. residing in Szczecin, ul. Tarpanowa 18/15, 70-796 Szczecin; KRS: 0000204697 (further addressed as: we). You can contact us by:
      – mail (correspondence): ul. Jana Śniadeckiego 25, 73-102 Stargard
      – e-mail:
      – phone: +48 91 579 03 00.

    2. The Scope and Legal Basis of the Porcessing:

      Processing of Your Personal data is needed to:
      – conclude and perform the agreement for providing services/other agreements,
      – meet the requirements under the rule of law within tax law, accountancy, documenting and storage of accounting files,
      – work organization, including contact with client/carrier representatives with regards to commencement and performance of the agreement.

      The legal basis of your personal data processing is:
      – the Agreement – data processing is required to fulfill contract commitments, in relation to agreement with our company,
      – legal obligation – data processing is required to fulfill the legal commitment binding the Administrator, that is, for instance, the obligation to invoice or perform any other document required by law.
      – legitimate interest – data processing is required to realize legitimate company concerns, for instance, establishment of legal claims or defenses of civil matters, or defend against claims; verification of clients in public registers.

    3. Duration of data storage:

      We will store your data until:
      – completion of cooperation and until the legal work is concluded, that is, until legal period of data storage ends,
      – alternatively – in case of submitting a civil-legal claim – for the duration of the proceeding.

    4. Data Receivers:

      The Administrator has access to your personal data. The company employees may also be given the data as well as, the carriers, clients, regular co-workers, people in contact with the company, client representatives both legal or legal entities without corporate status, including contact persons.

    5. . Your personal data related, automated decision rights:

      You are entitled to:

      1. revoke the right to process your personal data, if it is based on data processing,
      2. insight into your personal data,
      3. make corrections to your personal data,
      4. delete your personal data,
      5. restrict your personal data,
      6. object to data processing due to your personal reasons – in cases, when we process your data based on our legally justified interest,
      7. transfer your personal data, that is, the right to receive your personal data, in structured, commonly used machine-readable format. You may send the data to another Administrator. However, we will do it if the transfer is possible. The right to transfer data is viable to the data processed in relation to the agreement signed between us or with a signed consent in writing..

      In order to exercise your rights, please contact us (contact information in number 1).

      The right to revoke consent

      Within your agreement based processed data, you have the right to revoke consent to process them at any moment. Revoking your consent is not incompatible with processing law that was made before on the basis of your consent before the revoking. The consent can be revoked by sending us a consent cancellation to our mail or e-mail.

      The right to make complaint to governing body

      You have the right to make complaint to the governing body which is: President of the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection

      Decision making automation.

      In data processing we do not make any automated decisions and profiling.