Quick and effective clearances with benefits for you

Our experienced agents ensure smooth and swift clearance of various goods through all procedures, along with the preparation of required documentation in accordance with current customs regulations.

Customers of Viabaltic Sp. zo.o. benefit from privileges provided by our AEO certificate, which offers a range of advantages in international trade.

Our services cater to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as global corporations.

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- Export Customs Clearance - exporting goods outside the EU (standard/simplified)

- Import Customs Clearance - releasing goods into circulation with the calculation of customs and excise duties (standard/simplified/deferral of VAT-33a)

- Securing customs and tax liabilities, providing general guarantee

- Special procedures:

Union/Common transit procedures - T1, T2, TIR (standard/simplified)

Warehousing (customs warehouse and free customs zone)

Special destination (final destination and temporary clearance)




- Preparation of EUR1 Certificates of Origin

- Providing of T2L Union Customs Status Confirmation

- Preparation of INF3, INF4 Information Document

- Issuance of A.TR Certificate of Movement and CMR Waybill

- Issuance of CHED Document


Representation to Customs Authorities

- Submission of applications, appeals, etc.

- Registering the company in the PUESC system,

- Obtaining an EORI number



- capability for goods storage



- ability to arrange transportation